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One Night With A Gorgeous Greek

RRP $20.99

In the arms of a ruthless, possessive, passionate man! Polly Prince works hard, but her family's company is taken over by ruthless Damon Doukakis! As his apprentice, Polly accompanies Damon to Paris and so must resist the lethal sensuality of her new boss in the most dangerously romantic city in the world. Ariston Spiridakou had married Chloe to provide him with an heir and Chloe's defiance had her cast out of his life. Infuriatingly, three years on, Chloe finds herself at Ariston's mercy and he won't even consider her request until she's expecting his baby! Billionaire tycoon Loukas Christakis reluctantly allows struggling designer Belle to work on his private island. Virile Loukas finds her innocence an unexpected temptation. When their short affair has consequences, Loukas resolves to secure what he feels is his...

To Let Go A Dream

RRP $17.95

The story describes the personal struggles of an eighteenth-century pioneer girl captured and bought up by the Iroquois. This carefully researched account not only explores the animosity felt by the differing ethnic and regional groups, but also delves into the positive and very humane attitudes of these very same people. As the young white girl, Calli, grows to be a part of the Indian community, she learns more than tribal skills and customs; she begins to truly understand and appreciate the wisdom, the loyalty, the sense of fairness, and most of all the great compassion the members of her new extended family share with her. Throughout the book we see the young heroine contend with the past until she can ultimately accept the present.

The Lifetime Of A Durable Good

RRP $125.00

As a psychologist by education, my interest is in how people solve problems. At the Economic Institute of Leyden Universi ty, I learned that economists study human behavior too, although their studies are limited to economic affairs. At the Institute of Scientific Research on Consumer Affairs became (SWOKA), I aware of the needs of consumer organizations and the government for consumer research to base their policy on. At Erasmus University Rotterdam, I got the opportunity to integrate my interests and knowledge into this book. The first part of the book attempts to integrate psychological theories of attitude, perception, motivation and decision into economics. Both disciplines are concerned with human behavior, and the economic paradigm of demand, subj ect to restrictions, is combined with the psychological tradition of direct measurements of perceptions and motivations. This results in a micro-model of economic choice that can be tested by means of information obtained directly from consumers. The empirical study deals with the problem of scrapping a durable consumption good. By means of a consumer survey, the micro-model of choice is applied to the decision to scrap a durable good, or to repair the good in case of a defect. This individual decision obviously is connected with the large scale problem of waste, and with the manufacturer's problem of producing durable goods with a certain quality and durabili ty.

The Story Of Dschemil And Dschemila (a Grey Fairy Tale)

RRP $18.99

There was once a man whose name was Dschemil, and he had a cousin who was called Dschemila. They had been betrothed by their parents when they were children, and now Dschemil thought that the time had come for them to be married, and he went two or three days' journey, to the nearest big town, to buy furniture for the new house. While he was away, Dschemila and her friends set off to the neighbouring woods to pick up sticks, and as she gathered them she found an iron mortar lying on the ground. She placed it on her bundle of sticks, but the mortar would not stay still, and whenever she raised the bundle to put it on her shoulders it slipped off sideways. At length she saw the only way to carry the mortar was to tie it in the very middle of her bundle, and had just unfastened her sticks, when she heard her companions' voices. 'Dschemila, what are you doing? it is almost dark, and if you mean to come with us you must be quick!'

Digger And Daisy Go To The Doctor

RRP $19.99

Meet Digger and Daisy! They are brother and sister. These dogs like to explore their world and see new things. Sometimes they agree with each other. Sometimes they disagree. But no matter the situation, one thing always stays the same--their love and concern for each other. In playful, simple stories written especially for the K-1 audience, author Judy Young explores the dynamics and nuances of the sibling relationship. In Digger and Daisy Go to the Doctor, Digger feels unwell and Daisy takes him to the doctor. But the checkup doesn't go as Daisy had planned.


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