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Failing Good!

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Thompson fails at: Job hunting -- "My mom suggested I wear a tie for the interview. She also suggested I take the next damn job I find and move the hell out of her house." His cheap dad -- "With all the smoothness of a mortician prompting the bereaved for payment my Dad added, 'Son, I'll need the fifty dollars you brought." Dating -- "Taking a chick to the County Fair turned out to be the dullest date on record. However, for flies and the dumpy, corn-fed hillbillies who proudly stood next to their freakishly bloated livestock...this was Disneyland" Laugh Cry Vomit! is filled with amazing facts like: FACT: Because of its refrain to "Get it On" T. Rex's song "Bang a Gong" has never been played at any church dance. FACT: Before hot chicks will flirt with marginal looking guys, they'll attempt to dull as many senses as possible through alcohol abuse and loud music. This helps blunt the shame they'll experience the following morning. FACT: Vomiting produces more force per square inch then the Mighty Mississippi. Laugh Cry Vomit! finally reveals what men need to know about women and what women need not know about men. "With a relationship built on a foundation of opportunity and whim Candy and I hooked up often. This is normally a dangerous combination, but since we were both in other relationships we enjoyed the bond of Mutually Assured Destruction. She squeals? I squeal!"

Once Upon A Golden Apple

RRP $15.99

A brand-new board book edition, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this fractured fairy tale bedtime story In this hilarious fractured fairy tale romp, everything goes awry. Goldilocks lives with the seven dwarfs, a princess kisses Humpty Dumpty, and she and the prince rescue the Wicked Witch of the West! Can all this mischief get sorted out so that everyone lives happily ever after? Jean Little and Maggie de Vries's playful text and Phoebe Gilman's magical illustrations make this twisted classic a delight to share with new generations of readers.

Vertigo And Disequilibrium

RRP $337.99

This updated edition provides a comprehensive basis for understanding, identifying, and treating the underlying multifactorial etiologies of dizziness and imbalance. Vertigo is a common malady for which patients seek treatment, yet the vestibular system and its associated disorders are often misunderstood. This book effectively demystifies this topic, with clinical pearls and knowledge from foremost experts in the field.

The first six chapters cover procuring a thorough patient history, examination techniques, computerized testing, radiological studies, surgical anatomy and physiology of the vestibular system, and laboratory testing. Subsequent chapters concisely detail the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies such as Meniere's disease, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, labyrithinitis, superior semicircular canal dehisence syndrome, and unilateral peripheral vestibulopathy.

Key Features

  • Covers the full age continuum - from congenital and pediatric vestibular disorders - to balance conditions associated with aging
  • Highlights the most common pathologies such as BPPV, as well as fairly rare diseases like Mal de Debarquement syndrome and perilymph fistulas
  • Discusses the impact of alcohol, migraines, and allergies on the vestibular system and the intrinsic roles they play in causing dizziness
  • New insights on medications, rehabilitation, and the use of implantable vestibular devices
  • Expanded video library provides guidance on testing modalities, visual disturbances, nystagmus patterns, and specific disorders

Physicians who read this authoritative guide will gain knowledge that is essential for optimal management of patients with vertigo and disequilibrium. It is an invaluable resource for otolaryngologists, as well as neurologists, physical therapists, internists, geriatricians, family practitioners, audiologists, and even cardiologists.

Kitty The Tiger Fairy (the Baby Animal Rescue Faires #2)

RRP $9.99

Just when you thought the fairies couldn't get any cuter. . . here come the baby animals!

Rachel and Kirsty to the rescue!

The girls are spending a week of their summer vacation at the Wild Woods Nature Reserve. They're going to volunteer as junior rangers-- which means lots of quality time with all the animals who live there! But Jack Frost has taken the Baby Animal Rescue Fairies' magic key chains. Even worse, he's planning to use the fairies' stolen magic to kidnap baby animals for his icy zoo.

Rachel and Kirsty have to keep Sheba the tiger cub safe from harm. If Jack Frost succeeds, Kitty may never get her back!

Will A Man Rob God? Malachi Three

RRP $447.99

Revealation Knowledge is all within the 66 books of the Bible and we will discuss and reveal Malachi in this book.


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